Chloe Carter ~ The Lesbian Ziegfeld Girl

Hope Dare - The Gangster's Girlfriend

Florence Tempest ~ The Cross-Dressing Dancer

Helen Barnes ~ The Doomed Dancer

Betty Browne ~ The Talented Writer

Barbara Dean ~ The Sexy Blonde

Vera Maxwell ~ The Blonde Venus

Mary Lange ~ The Happy Housewife

Pearl Eaton ~ The Murdered Dancer

Louise Squire ~ The Vaudeville Singer

Blanche Satchel ~ The Australian Showgirl

Mary Lygo ~ The Brokenhearted Showgirl

Virginia Bell ~ The Masked Dancer

Mary Julian ~ The Heroin Addict

Bee Jackson ~ The Charleston Dancer

Jessie Reed ~ The Cursed Ziegfeld Girl

Mary Dolores Daly ~ The Comedian's Wife

Martha Pierre ~ The Candelabra Girl

Alma Mamay ~ The Lottery Winner

Dorothy Dell ~ The Doomed Starlet

Jean Ackerman ~ The Beautiful Brunette

Lena Thomas ~ Miss Memphis

Mary Louise Hatch ~ The Depressed Wife

Vivian Porter ~ The Lovely Dancer

Anne Lee Patterson ~ The Pageant Winner

Fifi Alsop ~ The Doomed Bride

Martha Mansfield & Her Untimely Death

Edith Babson ~ The Tragic Model

Jenny Dolly ~ The Unfortunate Sister

Marion Benda ~ Valentino's Last Love

Hilda Ferguson ~ The Scandalous Ziegfeld Girl

Emma Carus ~ The German Singer

Edna Leedom ~ The Tragic Housewife

Cynthia Cambridge ~ The Showgirl From London

Dorothy Klewer ~ The Society Girl

Sybil Carmen ~ The Tragic Follies Baloon Girl

Diana Allen ~ The Swedish Ziegfeld Girl

Bobbie Storey ~ The Tragic British Beauty

Delyle Alda ~ The Tragic Prima Donna

Emily Ryan ~ The Penniless Showgirl

Murial Miles ~ The Lonely Ziegfeld Girl

Annabelle Moore ~ The Erotic Dancer

Helen Lee Worthing & Her Sad Suicide

Geneva Mitchell ~ The Alcoholic Actress

Catherine Moylan ~ The Revealing Ziegfeld Girl

Olive Thomas ~ Hollywood's Most Tragic Flapper

Gertrude Williams ~ The Bankrupt Ziegfeld Girl

Gilda Gray ~ The Shimmy Dancer

Flo Lane ~ The Heartbroken Blonde

Fay West ~ The Doomed Follies Star