Mary Louise Hatch ~ The Depressed Wife

Mary Louise Hatch

Mary Louise Hatch was a Follies dancer who suffered from depression and took her own life.

She was born on March 9, 1911 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mary attended Pittsburgh high school and danced in local nightclubs, When she was seventeen she moved to New York City and started using the stage name Louise Garnet. The beautiful brunette appeared in the 1929 Broadway show Lady Fingers. In April of 1929 she had to leave the show when she was hospitalized for an acute appendicitis. Then she danced in The Ziegfeld Follies and in Earl Carroll's Vanities. Mary began dating millionaire businessman C. Edgar Warburton. They were married on December 1, 1931 and honeymooned in Europe. She gave up her career and the couple bought homes in Florida and Pennsylvania. Mary affectionately called her new husband Eggie. Unfortunately their marriage turned out to be very unhappy. His family never liked her because she had been an actress and she began suffering from severe bouts of depression.

Louise Garnet (Mary Louise Hatch)Mary Louise Hatch

She went to see a nerve specialist but the treatments didn't help. Mary filed for divorce in the Spring of 1939 and moved in with her aunt. On June 22, 1939 she drove to the Westinghouse Bridge in East Pittsburgh. Then she committed suicide by jumping off the bridge. Her body was discovered on the rail road track below. She was only twenty-eight years old. There was a note in her purse that said "Am sick. I am so distressed by the threatened move of Eggie's is just about the last straw, my first impulse was to have it over with if Eg really had stopped loving me or wanting me. Now that I had a little more time I realize I must not make any final decision until I am well. I don't think Eggie or the family know how sick I have really been." Mary was buried at Allegheny Cemetery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Mary Louise HatchMary Louise Hatch Suicide