Dorothy Klewer ~ The Society Girl

Dorothy Klewer

Dorothy Klewer was a society girl from Chicago who danced in the Ziegfeld Follies.

She was born Dorothy Henrietta Klewer on June 30, 1895 in Chicago, Illinois. Her father was a wealthy architect and the family lived in a large house on Lakeside Place. Dorothy was the youngest of five children, She dreamed of becoming a dancer and once caused a sensation when she did the tango at a local hotel. At the age of eighteen she married Robert Mayne Luther, a candy salesman. They had to elope because her parents didn't approve of the marriage. Soon after the couple opened a dance studio in Denver, Colorado. Dorothy filed for divorce in November of 1916. She moved to New York City and made her Broadway debut in the 1917 musical Hitchy-Koo. Then she appeared in the shows The Blue Pearl and The Squab Farm with Tallulah Bankhead.

Dorothy KlewerDorothy Klewer

 The beautiful brunette also worked as a model. In 1919 she joined Ziegfeld's Nine O'Clock Review and starred in The Midnight Frolic. Tired of the stage she decided to return to Chicago in 1920. Dorothy said "New York is unspeakable. It's a regular babylon of luxury." She married Oscar M. Hunt on August 6, 1930. The couple lived in Michigan where Oscar worked as a clerk. Unfortunately by the early 1940s they were divorced. Then she moved to Los Angeles and started working as a movie extra. Dorothy appeared in the films The File On Thelma Jordan and The Hanging Tree. As she grew older she suffered from diabetes and heart disease. On March 13, 1960 she died from pneumonia at the age of sixty-five. She was cremated at the Chapel Of The Pines Crematory in Los Angeles, California. Her remains were given to her brother.

Dorothy KlewerDorothy Klewer

Dorothy appeared in:
Ziegfeld Nine O'Clock Review (Sep 1919 - Closing date unknown)